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The Problem  The Science of Speed
Work List Grading

Design Brief- CO2 Race Cars


Problem: You must design, build and race a wooden CO2 powered dragster. You will follow specifications and limits to think up a fast car. The class will compete amongst itself to find a champion. You will research "rail, shell and hybrid" car examples found on the internet. 

Using Pro/D CAD software, you will produce an individual Design Portfolio containing:

After the design phase, you will build your own car, following your design and the specs/constraints. You will use the wood shop, and pine wood to fabricate your own dragster. Lastly, you will create a "Brag Sheet" webpage showing off your car's speed and times acquired during testing, with edited or animated pictures of your dragster compared to your original Album rendering.


Work List:

  1. Complete the Lego Assembly and the Van Pro/Desktop Tutorials, save in your network folder. You may work with a partner to complete these 2 activities.
  2. Look at all the CO2 car pictures on the following links:    The Science of Speed- lots of pictures and info
  3. Sketch 10 simple thumbnails of possible designs you may wish to build

               co2 Thumbnail Sketch Worksheet

   4.    Select which one you want to design. Make a Rough Sketch showing the Front (side) and Top Views

            co2 Top and Side Sketch Worksheet

    5.   CO2 Racer Design Tutorial, and produce the following:

a.  .des file of your car design with assembled wheels

b. A full size .dra file of the side view and top view of your racer. This will be used to cut out the shape on wood.

c. A MultiView w/ pictorial .dra file printed to scale. It will include a title block with design team information. 

d. A rendered .alb file of the design. Print on color printer.



  • Complete the co2 dragster tutorial. Transfer the shapes to a blank of wood and safely cut the car to shape .
  • Smooth the car with rasps, files and sandpaper. 
  • Finish your car with paints and stains. Apply decals and/or stripes.  Apply 2 coats of Poly Finish. 
  • Install wheels according to specs.
  • Install the 2 opened screw eyes for the race line on the car bottom.
  • Take 4 digital pictures of your completed dragster.
  • Race- 2 times, record times. Complete a co2 Average Speed Worksheet.  or  mph_worksheet

Presentation Work:

  1. Edit or animate your digital picture(s) using:        or
  2. Complete a web page using Nvu -    "Dragster Brag Sheet"


For grading, you need to  individual files for: 

1  Thumbnail Sketch sheet

1 Rough sketch- top and side

1 .des file  Car Assembly complete w/wheels

1 .dra multi view drawing with pictorial

1 .dra full size building template drawing of the top and side views 

1 .alb rendering of the design car assembly

1 raced wooden dragster 

1 completed Average Speed Worksheet

1 "Brag Sheet" Web Page, published to internet














Pro/D  tutorial successful, works independently successful with help, copies others DNC
10 thumbnail sketches complete, neat, good ideas complete, some views will not work,  messy, not completed
top and side rough sketch complete, neat, accurate complete, side view only messy, missing lines, incomplete, DNC
.des car assembly (x4) follows tutorial, w/ top and side view  follows tutorial, side view only not completed
.dra multiview title block complete title block not complete not completed
.dra full size building template accurate, full size not full size not completed
.alb car assembly  (x2) striking looking, background added completed not completed
dragster, 1 each  (x4) finished w/ top & side view finished, side view only not completed 
cooperation (x2) works 85-100% works 70- 84% works < 70%
CO2 Average Speed Worksheet completed neatly completed messy not completed
"Brag Sheet" Web Page (x2) completed, published missing 1-2 items, completed- not published missing over 3 items

 a 90-100    b 78-89    c 65-77    d 52-64    f <52